Electric Powered Movers for simple parking of heavy trailers in tight places........

The Parkit360 is a fantastic tool to help you move your caravan, boat trailer, car trailer, horse box or work trailer around the home, business premises or any other tight places.  It can move your trailer to places your tow vehicle can't!  To ensure the Parkit360 works and works well, we custom "set up" the Parkit360 mover to suit the specific requirements of each customer. 

The three keys requirements we focus on are:

  • power,
  • traction, and
  • providing you with a level of safety whilst operating the mover.

We achieve this by first talking to you, identifying your needs and then recommending a particular model and "set up" to suit.

Parkit360° power mover pulls and parks almost any sized trailer with ease and performs on a wide variety of terrains. There are many factors that go into picking the perfect mover, including your trailer’s weight, the terrain and slope you’ll be using it on, the ball size requirements and the power source.

Allow us to tailor a unit to suit your needs.

There are three models to choose from together with a number of accessories.






P360 SD

2268 kg

Single 1.5 HP Bosch 12v DC Electric



P369 HD

4535 kg

Single 1.5 HP Bosch 12v DC Electric




6809 kg

Dual 1.5 HP Bosch 12v DC Electric

Wireless Remote Control



All models include wide track tryes, batttery charger and battery box as standard.


  • Universal Telescopic Frame Adaptor £155
  • EZ Connect £440
  • 5th Wheel Adaptor including Stabilizers £455
  • Battery £62

All prices excludes VAT and delivery

Please contact us for demonstration and further information

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